Essentiel at Versace

I’m so excited that Essentiel was THE favorite at Versace in LA this month.  Many top manicurists posted their lotion love with gorgeous Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski., Naomi Campbell, and [...]

End of Year Reflections from Adele

Late last year I began filming a documentary about aging, ageism, aging in the beauty biz…and other intriguing topics. I was entering a new phase of life and wanted to create an empowering [...]

An Intimate Interview with My 93 Year Old Grandmother

A year before my grandmother passed, I took a camera to New Orleans and sat with her for a few special days. Make some tea and please join us!

Skincare Reflections – What I would have told my younger self

Recently someone asked me: If I could go back in time and take care of my skin with all the wisdom I have now, what would I do differently? I've thought about it, and here is a list of things [...]

What a Difference a Year Makes: A Message of Hope ✨

For all the current Covid chaos erupting around the world, I still feel hopeful for the future and believe in humanity’s ability to heal. I hope the holidays will give us all time to process the [...]

Why Essentiel Is The Perfect Gift

If you’re looking for a gift that’s chic, unique yet universally appreciated, Essentiel is an easy way to make your friends and family happy this holiday season. Many of our beloved customers [...]

Exceptional Spas Offering Essentiel

When creating Essentiel, I wanted the experience to be spa-like, rejuvenating for your skin and your soul. Now I'm honored that some of the most exceptional spas offer Essentiel! I hope you will [...]

My Favorite Smoothie For Healthy Skin

I'm so excited to share one of my favorite healthy and delicious recipes with you! This Smoothie is packed with nutrition and is a quick, simple, and tasty way to keep your skin happy and [...]

Celebrating My Gay Grandfather, a Grump from a Time Before Pride

My Italian grandfather Frank insisted we all call him “Honey.” Yet, despite the sweet name, Honey was the meanest person I’ve ever known.

Essential Cuticle Care

If your cuticles and nail beds are dry and under-nourished, it’s like trying to grow a garden from a parched cracked bed of soil. Ain’t going to happen! Skin, cuticles, and nails need nutrients [...]

Mothers, Angels, Daughters (and Demons)

I just found out I’m a Demon. Yep, that’s what renowned Vedic astrologer, Carol Allen, told me moments after glancing at my chart. She also told me I’m ruled by the “hasta” constellation, which [...]

Depression, Hormonal Hell and Other Fun Topics

A few months after launching a new business, I decided to begin sensorimotor (aka ‘traumarelease’) psychotherapy. I often over-deliberate when making decisions, but occasionally jump in headfirst [...]

Chrissy Teigen shows Essentiel some love!

Recently I did a ritual, welcoming the re-new year and asking for ‘something special’ to unfold. Then this happened… I am deeply grateful and super excited that beautiful Chrissy Teigen has [...]

Modern Materialism & Why I’ve Driven the Same Car for 14 Years and Use One Moisturizer to Treat Every Inch of my Skin

My relationship with cars is complicated. I learned to drive at 13 while my dad sat in the passenger seat, smoking a joint and reading the newspaper, only to look up occasionally and yell [...]

A New Attitude About Aging from a Middle-aged Model

When a New York Times reporter asked for an interview, my only request was that my age not be mentioned. I didn’t want my ‘coming out moment’ announced in the largest newspaper in the world. I [...]

What Losing My Dog Taught Me About Living

What’s a tragic topper to a global pandemic, horrifying murders of innocent black brothers and sisters with escalating violence, economic collapse and record high joblessness…? The sudden loss of [...]

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