An Intimate Interview with My 93 Year Old Grandmother ????

A year before my grandmother passed, I took a camera to New Orleans and sat with her for a few special days. Make some tea and please join us!

Skincare Reflections – What I would have told my younger self ????

Recently someone asked me: If I could go back in time and take care of my skin with all the wisdom I have now, what would I do differently? I've thought about it, and here is a list of things [...]

What a Difference a Year Makes: A Message of Hope ✨

For all the current Covid chaos erupting around the world, I still feel hopeful for the future and believe in humanity’s ability to heal. I hope the holidays will give us all time to process the [...]

Why Essentiel Is The Perfect Gift ????

If you’re looking for a gift that’s chic, unique yet universally appreciated, Essentiel is an easy way to make your friends and family happy this holiday season. Many of our beloved customers [...]

Exceptional Spas Offering Essentiel

When creating Essentiel, I wanted the experience to be spa-like, rejuvenating for your skin and your soul. Now I'm honored that some of the most exceptional spas offer Essentiel! I hope you will [...]

My Favorite Smoothie For Healthy Skin!??

I'm so excited to share one of my favorite healthy and delicious recipes with you! This Smoothie is packed with nutrition and is a quick, simple, and tasty way to keep your skin happy and [...]

Essential Cuticle Care

If your cuticles and nail beds are dry and under-nourished, it’s like trying to grow a garden from a parched cracked bed of soil. Ain’t going to happen! Skin, cuticles, and nails need nutrients [...]

Mothers, Angels, Daughters (and Demons)

I just found out I’m a Demon. Yep, that’s what renowned Vedic astrologer, Carol Allen, told me moments after glancing at my chart. She also told me I’m ruled by the “hasta” constellation, which [...]

Depression, Hormonal Hell and Other Fun Topics

A few months after launching a new business, I decided to begin sensorimotor (aka ‘traumarelease’) psychotherapy. I often over-deliberate when making decisions, but occasionally jump in headfirst [...]

Chrissy Teigen shows Essentiel some love! ?

Recently I did a ritual, welcoming the re-new year and asking for ‘something special’ to unfold. Then this happened… I am deeply grateful and super excited that beautiful Chrissy Teigen has [...]

Modern Materialism & Why I’ve Driven the Same Car for 14 Years and Use One Moisturizer to Treat Every Inch of my Skin

My relationship with cars is complicated. I learned to drive at 13 while my dad sat in the passenger seat, smoking a joint and reading the newspaper, only to look up occasionally and yell [...]

A New Attitude About Aging from a Middle-aged Model

When a New York Times reporter asked for an interview, my only request was that my age not be mentioned. I didn’t want my ‘coming out moment’ announced in the largest newspaper in the world. I [...]

What Losing My Dog Taught Me About Living

What’s a tragic topper to a global pandemic, horrifying murders of innocent black brothers and sisters with escalating violence, economic collapse and record high joblessness…? The sudden loss of [...]

A Story of Dad and Rebirth

My dad was my hero – a larger than life character who dreamed, lived and loved BIG. He brought play and adventure into a deprived chapter of my life that needed his magic. When my parents [...]

Grateful for my Grandmother. And you ❤️

As we all prepare for Thanksgiving, I wish you and your families a beautiful holiday. I’m deeply grateful for you. In the spirit of thanksgiving, I wanted to share a bit about my grandmother… One [...]

Why I created Essentiel

I used to think only ‘old’ people referenced in decades, so it’s hard to believe I’ve been body parts modeling for almost 20 years. I’m still consistently asked how I keep my skin camera-ready [...]

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