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Have you ever noticed that Essentiel does more than make your skin look luminous? It also feels good for the spirit! Every time I apply the moisturizer and inhale the beautiful blend of botanicals, it’s like stepping into a spa. The formula is packed with premium essential oils and other skin-glowing goodies— and always made with a whole lotta love. Plus, every bottle you get gives back some of that love!

Part of the proceeds of Essentiel are donated to NOLA Tree Project. NOLA Tree Project embodies the spirit of rebuilding in beautiful ways. Since Hurricane Katrina, which killed 100,000 trees, Nola Tree has provided and planted 60,000 trees to the city of New Orleans through its urban forestry programs!

I’ve always felt deeply inspired to do something positive for the planet, especially after my dad passed away unexpectedly from addiction. NTP’s diverse outreach and commitment to community has motivated me to move forward and reminded me that recovery happens over time and with love. No matter how painful the past, there’s always opportunity for growth and renewal.

For over a decade, I’ve watched this organization and my incredible Aunt Connie contribute miracles to New Orleans and beyond.


Some of the remarkable programs NOLA Tree Project provides for the community include:

  • Big TREEsy Giveaways – Tree giveaways offer trees to homeowners and planters across the city free of charge, and runs educational workshops on the importance, care, and maintenance of trees.
  • Community service projects – Corporate and volunteer groups participate in tree plantings, landscaping, and maintenance projects.
  • Community orchards – Fruit tree orchards planted in schoolyards become “living classrooms” increasing access to fresh fruit and eco literacy for thousands of kids.
  • Urban forestry – Tree plantings and maintenance on public greenspaces, in parks, and neighborhoods across the city.

And if that list isn’t amazing enough, they also ran a COVID Meal Program delivering over 400,000 meals with thousands of volunteers over the past 13 months!

I hope you share my joy in knowing that your purchase of Essentiel Moisture helps to support NOLA in its mission to build a more beautiful world.

If you feel inspired to make a personal donation to NOLA Tree Project, please follow this link.

NOLA Tree Project thanks you TREEmendously! ☺️


Please share any volunteer work you do and what organizations you enjoy working with in the comments!

  • Renee Anjanette

    I love this and I love Nola Tree Project! They are amazing just like you!
    PERFECT Partnership!!

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