4 Simple Ways To Transition Your Skincare For Fall

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After a fun but sweltering summer on this side of the world, we transition to the season of sweater weather, golden leaves, and pumpkin spice. It’s also a time to adapt our skincare routine to meet the new cycle ahead and maintain healthy, happy skin.

Unlike the hot and humid temperatures of summer, the cooler weather of autumn is often accompanied by a drier climate. That drier air and windy weather affect the moisture in our skin which leads to a parched and sensitive complexion that can become irritated, itchy, patchy, cracked, and even painful.

Here are 4 simple ways to care for your skin this fall.

Slow Down and Soak

Ok I admit, it’s a lot easier to talk about taking a time-out for ourselves than to actually accomplish the elusive concept of ‘self-care.’ These past couple years have hit me with some health issues, forcing me to prioritize my wellbeing over the to-do list. I may be in the business of wellness, but it’s been a big challenge for me to learn to slooow down and savor the small things. Like a bath! I used to think soaking in a tub was indulgent and even boring – something my mom did while I stuck with efficient showers – but now I know there is nothing more nourishing to the body, mind, and SKIN than a good soak. Warm water is always appreciated by all your parts, and adding a few essential oils and some epsom salts will further invigorate your senses and relax your muscles. So set some time aside and get your glow back with a bath!

Hydrate From The Inside Out

Hydration is key year-long but given that cooler, drier climates tend to dehydrate our skin – staying hydrated this season is crucial.

Ask any beautician or skincare expert and they will agree that drinking at least 6 glasses of water per day, and eating more hydrating foods (think broths, veggies, fruits, etc.) will help to improve elasticity in the skin, ward off wrinkles, and improve the skin’s ability to fight off toxins.

More hydrating antioxidant-rich options to try are oranges, avocados, zucchini, carrots, dark leafy greens, chia seeds, and smoothies or protein shakes. Have you tried my favorite hydrating smoothie for healthy skin? It’s quick, so delicious, and a great, easy recipe to add to your diet.

Keep Up The Sunscreen

As the summer season fades, many people pack the sunscreen away. Please don’t! Even though our beach days are behind us and the sun feels less harsh, it can still do damage to our skin’s health when exposed improperly. Most experts suggest wearing an SPF of 30 or higher daily to keep skin protected.

Here’s my favorite natural and moisturizing sunscreen from Babo Botanicals.

Moisturize From Head To Toe

Because our skin naturally produces less oil in the fall and winter months, using an effective moisturizer daily with combative ingredients is a must.

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid which retains moisture already in your skin, aloe which soothes skin and reduces inflammation with potent vitamins, amino acids, and active compounds, and shea butter which is rich in vitamins A, E, and F and helps to smooth and heal damaged skin barriers – are key to keeping moisture contained within the skin. Replenishing with elite ingredients that are beneficial year-round is the best way to take care of your skin and why I’ve included them in Essentiel Moisture.

Remember, the best kind of beauty radiates from within and doesn’t have to be difficult.

I hope you found these tips helpful and I’m wishing you (and your skin) happiness and health in the beautiful autumn days ahead.

If you have your own tried and true skincare tips and tricks, please share in the comments below. I love hearing from you!

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  • Marian

    Thank you, I learn so much about skin care from you. I always appreciate your honesty and transparency.

  • Sarah Taylor

    These are great reminders, thank you. Now I want to take a bath!

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