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Multipurpose Moisturizer for Healthy Skin from Head to Toe!

Moisture Auto Replenish is a subscription-based program that ships Essentiel Moisture to you automatically and helps to ensure that your skin always has the potent nutrients it needs to stay healthy and hydrated. Simply select your Moisture option, desired replenishing frequency and quantity, and we take care of the rest.

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  • Peace of Mind: Cancel anytime without penalties.

Your 1st Shipment: Your order will process immediately and ship on the same day of the month depending on your chosen delivery frequency.

The billing cycle is 1-3 months, depending on your choice, and automatically renews unless cancelled.

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53 reviews for Moisture Auto Replenish Program

  1. Sienna

    I love this lotion so much -it smells so good, it feels so good and I love that it is ALL natural. My little ones can kiss my face and nasty toxins won’t rub off on them. It’s amazing and I have become OCD, I can’t help myself…I keep lathering it on. I’m giving your lotion to all my bday peeps! I love it!!!

  2. Lizzie

    It is fabulous. Hands today, face tonight, body tomorrow. It absorbs like nothing I have used and my skin feels so wonderful.

  3. Tracey Burriss

    I love this product ! I am 60 years old and have tried every high end expensive brand of moisturizer . This one is by far my fav!! First of all it smells like a spa.fresh and clean. It is not greasy and absorbs quickly. I don’t feel
    Like I have a heavy moisturizer on my face but it does the trick so well !! Thank you!

  4. Mary

    Another testimonial. I had a pretty bad wreck on my bike almost a year ago. Jacked up my leg. Anyway, sense I’ve been using your lotion, the scar has gotten significantly better. Just thought I would let you know.

  5. Shana

    The lotion is SERIOUSLY amazing! I’m not surprised but shocked at the same time. I’m a lifetime customer 100%!! My skin feels better than it has in years. So impressed!

  6. Shana

    The lotion is SERIOUSLY amazing! I’m not surprised but shocked at the same time. I’m a lifetime customer 100%!! My skin feels better than it has in years. So impressed!

  7. Tina Chappel

    Such a healing and luscious product for the skin! Made by a lovely soul!!

  8. eartha8

    Honestly, AS A GUY, I can’t tell you how much I love this product. A friend gave me a bottle of it as a gift because I traditionally have very dry skin on my chin and jaw. I tried it for a few days and it was like Magic. The dry patches are completely gone and the bonus is that my hands also have never felt better. I use it all over, but on my hands, it actually feels like my skin is the skin of a 20 year old. I’m almost 50. I only wish this has been around for the last 30 years. I would have used it every day. I have no given it to some of my male friends and they all have been impressed by how well it works and how good it smells. It isn’t feminine. It just smells like a nice room would smell if it had some essential oils in it. I have never boasted about my skin before I started using this. And when people who know me and know that I have been plagued with dry skin ask me how my skin cleared up, I’m really proud to talk about this. It has made a significant change in my life. Thank you.

  9. Karl

    Monday is “clean out the fridge” day in my house, as well as laundry day and the catch all day for doing house errands. I cooked and did all the dishes that went along with all of this cooking (no gloves). I did all of the laundry and then hand washed all that shouldn’t go in the washing machine. There was a stain on my rug, so I took it outside and scrubbed it with dish soap out, also no gloves. Typically after a day my hands are SO DRY and really hurt. Oh, and after all of that work, I showered and washed my hair too. And here is where I get to the point: after less 24 hours of using your lotion, my hands weathered all of that, didn’t hurt, and now that I’ve applied the lotion again all over my face and body after my shower, my skin is more beautiful and nourished than it has been in months. THANK YOU. I’m so grateful to finally be using a product that works for real, and that’s not full of waxy chemicals, or is so greasy that I ruin everything I touch. You nailed it!!! I’m now hoarding all the bottles I purchased because this stuff is gold!!

  10. Dehx

    i love everything!! 😍 u can feel the care, detail and love in this product. It really comes thru. AMAZING job, the lotion is simply divine!! love love love all the holistic yummy ingredients (totally my vibe!)…the texture of the lotion is fabulous, how it soaks into the skin leaving no oily or sticky residue, but a smooth velvety healthy feel!! so nice n so versatile! Totally nailed it! I’m super happy and a fan for sure! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Leslie

    I really like how I feel non-sticky/greasy yet fully moisturized and ready to roll right away;and all in one bottle! BRILLIANT!!!

  12. Linda Bolin

    This is the most amazing lotion!! I love that it can be used on your face, as well as anywhere on your body!

  13. Amie Warwick

    Game changer!! This product has literally changed my life. It’s the only moisturizer I’ve ever used on my face (and I’ve used a ton!) that could hydrate my ‘seriously dehydrated’ skin! I had always struggled with makeup looking cakey no matter how I applied – I changed foundations all the time thinking the actual makeup was the problem. Turns out, it was my skin! Within three days of using this moisturizer, my skin looked and felt healthier, and my foundation went on like a dream!! It looked so great that I even went back to old foundations I had thrown in a box and re-tried them!! It’s amazing the difference!! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank Adele enough for this product!!! But I’ll sure try – from the bottom of my hydrated heart, THANK YOU!!!

  14. Susan Baker

    I absolutely love this lotion! The scent is amazing! I will definitely purchase this again!!

  15. Mariana

    At first I was worried about having too high of an expectation for a lotion, it looks so good on paper, after all. I have asthma and I can be sensitive to some fragrances, never been close of essential oils in my life. A couple days ago for the first time ever, developed a an allergic rash on my chest + my already expected asthma episode thanks to a multipurpose cleaning product on my home.
    I applied a little of the lotion that night, when I noticed it didn’t sting, I applied a little more. Next morning I notice the rash was at leat 95% gone!!
    My face and sensitive eyes have not complained and my hands are grateful for the attention, they are supple and looking better the more days I use it! I’ll have to order the full size when the mini one runs over–

  16. Wendy Mattson

    Superb product. I can’t say enough about it. After about 7 days of daily application, two times a day, my skin visually improved. It became more supple and moisturized. And I apply it on my face and neck as well with the same results! LOVE it. Thank you Adele for creating such a wonderful product!

  17. Susan

    I am on my fourth bottle and love this lotion. It absorbs quickly and never feels greasy. I have sensitive skin and suffer from Eczema and Keratosis Pilaris. This product is not irritating and seems to be helping.

  18. Vivian Baker

    This lotion is exceptional. I had a bruise on my arm from bumping into a ledge in the bathroom, and it was not healing. So I tried using this lotion on it. Almost overnight it was gone! I bruise easily, so I plan to use this lotion immediately after noticing a bruise on my aged skin. I also use on my face and see a remarkable difference in my eczema patches and dry spots. Thank you so much!

  19. Rachel P.

    Wow, just wow! I LOVE this moisturizer – easy to apply, smells great, doesn’t feel sticky and leaves my dry skin supple and moisturized. I love all of the clean, natural ingredients and you can tell that a lot of care went into crafting the formula. This has become a staple in my routine.

  20. Paul P.

    I just arrived home and received your product. I love it! I don’t think I’ve ever had my skin feeling so smooth after one use of a product. I love the gentle scent, not a fan of heavier scented lotions or colognes. This is absolutely perfect! You’re the best!

  21. Samlomena Boston


  22. Angela King

    This stuff is amazing! I love how it spans into my skin so quickly & leaves it so soft and hydrated. No tacky feel either like so many moisturizers! I’ve received many compliments that my skin looks refreshed & glowing. Buying again for sure!!

  23. lynn

    It’s not easy to find a moisturizer of this high quality and thanks to Adele and her tremendous experience as a world renown parts model and all of her careful and meticulous holistic research we now have access to an exceptional product. Thank you Adele for keeping my skin soft and glowing. And the travel bottle is genius! I look forward to giving as gifts too:)

  24. Elizabeth

    Love this lotion! I have weirdly sensitive eyelids- all eyeshadow makes them irritated. I put this lotion on my eyelids before bed and it literally heals them overnight! Magic!

  25. Dave

    So this is very strange, ever since my brain surgery I’ve lost my sense of smell. I occasionally get some random scents, but I’m not really smelling anything since I have no sense of smell. But I started using this lotion on my arms my face, and ever since then randomly throughout the day I get this subtle fresh scent. so I asked my wife what exactly do you smell when you use when the lotion and she explained it to me. I guess that’s why they call it aroma ‘therapy’ 🙂

  26. Tara Burk

    This lotion is the best! I’m pretty obsessed with my skin and the quality of products that I use. Not only does this make my skin feel soft it also helps calm me too. I have an, “ahhhhh” of relaxation after breathing the wonderful scent in. After coming back from a ski trip my daughters face was really chapped and red. I put this on her twice a day, for a couple of days, and she was back to normal again. Amazing! My husband also uses it too when he’s feeling a little dry from the recent ongoing cold weather. So I guess you could say our entire family loves this incredible lotion!

  27. Kristin Flores

    I super love this lotion. It’s a life saver. I live in the very cold Pacific Northwest and my skin is not very happy about the very cold weather here, and it gets super dry with the heater on all the time. I’ve been using this moisturizer on my face and body for 3 months now and it’s amazing! I love that it doesn’t live sticky residue, very light on the skin and scent is lovely!

  28. Mandy King

    I severely burned my chest from an improperly applied mustard plaster and my roommate offered me some Essentiel. I have used top quality essential oils for years and I’m super pure about what goes on my skin.

    I checked out the ingredients and they are wonderful!!! I used Essentiel daily on my burn and it was so soothing and kept the new skin soft and hydrated while it repaired.

    With this kind of quality, I wish Adele every success!

  29. Jen

    Absolutely wonderful! I recently found out about Adele through a video on the Refinery29 youtube channel and I completely loved her energy and her story. Through that video, I learned about Adele’s moisturizing lotion, Essentiel Moisture. After visiting her instagram page and reading reviews, I decided I’d just go for it. What with the dry season coming up I definitely need a good moisturizer because my skin cracks a lot! I bought the bundle and I have to say I already love it! I’ve had it for a few days and honestly, it’s amazing. It smells great, it feels great, and best of all it makes me feel great when I put it on. It also even came with a lovely little thank you note written by Adele! I also gave the travel sized bottle to my mother because she travels a lot in her retirement and she’s completely in love too! I don’t have enough good things to say about this lotion!

    I’ll definitely be buying the refills in no time and I’ve decided to purchase a few extra bottles as gifts for the holidays!

    I absolutely love this, Adele, thank you so much!

  30. Sacha

    A co-worker/friend introduced me to this amazing product! I work on an airplane and am constantly washing my hands. They were dry and cracking and nothing seemed to work. I can’t stand lotions that are thick and greasy…which is why I’m so grateful to have found Essential. I think my 2 favorite things about the lotion is that it’s all natural and I can use it on my entire face/body! How amazing is that?!?! The first time I used it, it was a sample packet from my friend and I couldn’t get enough…My pup Marlow couldn’t either. She kept following me around the apt licking my ankles…haha
    Thank you Adele for making a gorgeous lotion that is packed with goodness and works from head to toe!

  31. Nancy Shelby

    This lotion feels like it was made just for me. I love how it feels on my skin. I love the natural fragrance of the ingredients, and best of all, I love how my skin looks. Thank you for brining this great product into my life. It’s my new best friend.

  32. Angela

    Essentiel lotion is my favorite. It is a perfect all around body lotion. I am a natural woman who rarely wears make up, so I need a lotion that moisturizes, refreshes and helps me stay looking younger than I am. This magical lotion does that for me with the added bonus of smelling delicious and feeling so good. Thank you Adele for sharing your lotion love with the world!

  33. Connie

    My skin has taken a beating from years of tennis and sunscreens didn’t exist then. I have noticed a big difference in my skin since using the product ! My skin is tighter and it is sealing moisture. I use it 2-3 times per day on my face. This is a great product for the face, which people don’t realize. I love that it has so many wonderful botanicals and NO PARABENS, which cause cancer and many skin products contain parabens and other harmful chemicals.

  34. Elayanor Doyle

    I love this! I have seen a really big difference in the skin on my face especially. I love the way the it smells and absorbs quickly. It’s not at all greasy and I feel like I can see at least a 30% improvement in my skin texture.

  35. Teresa Johnston

    Love this so much. Can’t wait to receive my next bottle!I Just became a subscriber!!!

  36. Patty

    Honesty this is the best lotion I have ever used! I have dry skin and am constantly trying new lotions and products. This is the first time I have found a lotion that does everything it says it does! Even my husband loves it!! You won’t be disappointed I promise…

  37. S lenhares

    A must have. My go to face and body moisturizer I keep the travel size in my purse always.

  38. Frank

    Awesome lotion. Been using it for months. Seriously great.

  39. Christine

    I love Adele’s moisturizer! It’s so light and absorbent, and smells incredible. When I apply it, I feel like I’m feeding my skin a multitude of clean nutrients. And truthfully, my skin hasn’t looked better. Thank you for making your product available to all of us and such an affordable price!

  40. Rachel

    My skin has seriously transformed!! I used to use so many products and I’m basically down to a great cleanser and this lotion. I’m saving so much money every month and it makes my skin feel/look so healthy and works better than the several-step process I’ve used most of my life. Just became a subscriber!!

  41. Luanne

    This lotion surprised me. I wasn’t sure that one product could take care of my face and body needs, but it does. It goes above and beyond my expectations! The skin on my elbows, which can get rough in winter, have been super smooth. I’ve been getting compliments on my skin lately and people telling me I glow. I got my Essentiel lotion as a gift, and it’s almost used up. I’ll be ordering some soon! Thank you for making this.

  42. Jeanette C.

    It is wonderful to scale down the number of products one must use on the face and body. Essentiel, with its scent that with each use, elevates the senses, covers all needs. My skin absorbs this lotion in a very complete way — never leaving a layer on the skin or something that washes off later. So appreciated is the carefully thought out components, creating a lotion that is natural, safe and so complete.

  43. lkulp1

    I just signed up for auto replenish and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I no longer have to worry about running out. I love anything that makes my life easier and my skin healthier.

  44. yanirag_09

    My daughter introduced me to this product and out of all the face moisturizers I have tried, this is the only one that goes well with my make up. It doesn’t leave my face shiny or cakey, and I don’t need to use a primer before applying my make up! I have noticed my face has improved since I started using this moisturizer and even friends have told me my face looks more firm 🙂 Big thumbs up for this!

  45. ddavis0630

    I absolutely LOVE this product! Since I’ve been using this lotion I’ve noticed a significant reduction of wrinkle lines on my forehead! The scent is soothing and relaxing so it’s a pleasure to wear on my face! Thank you Adele for sharing your “love child” with us! 🙂

  46. garaykat26

    I’m usually skeptical of trying new products on my face since I have sensitive skin and have experienced redness and burning sensations before. But this was not the case with Essentiel. I like that this lotion’s consistency is not sticky nor leaves my face shiny. And I love the scent so much! The essential oils are so relaxing they calm me in stressful situations. While in college I carried the travel size in my purse and whenever I had finals week stress I applied it on my hands and smelled it. (recent college grad here). My mom loves it also and she’s using it too!

  47. madelinemill3r

    This lotion has completely changed how my face looks! I’m glowing all the time from the lotion and how it smells, the scent has a way of relaxing me through out the day. I will be a lifelong customer. I’m so unbelievably happy with this product.

  48. Genna

    As an extremely picky consumer and lover of excellent, natural body products, I am constantly on the lookout for “the one”. Well, I’ve found my favorite lotion in Essentiel. It’s gentle on my skin, extremely hydrating without being heavy or oily, smells wonderful, and doesn’t have any of the icky ingredients I don’t want. One pump covers my face, neck, decolletage, shoulders, tops of my upper arms (where I have colorful tattoos that loooooove the lotion) and my hands. (Oh – my husband also uses it on his face and loves it too!) The other day I noticed these dry bumps on the backs of my arms and thought I’d try Essentiel. Two days later and they’re almost completely gone. Thank you, Adele!

  49. Sabrina H.

    I’ve been putting the lotion on my face consistently and I’ve noticed a significant reduction of oil my face produces throughout the day!!

  50. Sarah

    This is the best moisturizer I’ve found that embodies what I’ve ALWAYS looked for. Highly moisturizing, pure ingredients, aromatherapy essence (with my fave, Frankincense) and expertly created to hydrate my body AND face. I keep a travel sized bottle in my purse and a regular sized bottle on our bathroom counter. My husband uses it and his skin is so soft and glowing now! Thanks for creating this wonderfully luscious lotion!

  51. Chris R.

    I love this lotion. I mostly use on my face and dry elbows. The scent is fresh and not overwhelming. As a guy, that’s important to me. First lotion I’m hooked on!

  52. nancyluvs2cook

    I can’t praise this product enough, but I’ll try. I LOVE how Essentiel makes my face, and entire body, feel which is most important. BUT I also love how easy it goes on, how long it lasts and the ingredients are amazingly pure which is also what I look for in a product. Haven’t found anything that compares to this. Even my grandbaby, who doesn’t let me put anything on his skin, let me put this all over him because he liked the smell. That’s another aspect I am thankful for….no weird or strong fragrance. The combination is luscious. I will not stop using this product ever!! Thank you Adele!

  53. lakshmi

    I love this product! I live in hot Austin, Texas and am very physically active. I wash my hands a lot. This is the first product I’ve found that lasts and keeps my skin hydrated and healthy even if I wash a lot and go all day without reapplying, which I do, because who has time to do that all day. It’s very high quality and is now a staple for my skin care. No need for me to look any further for a remedy for my whole body skin care.

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