• Fell in love with this AMAZING cream today! Using it on Kate Upton.

    Tracy Murphy Celebrity Makeup Artist
  • Love, love, love it!! The smell, the texture, the consistency! I love using it around my eyes and it makes my hands feel so good! It doesn’t feel greasy at all. My husband loves it too. He raved about the smell, the light texture and the way it absorbed. We’re both hooked!

    Krisinda Malibu, CA
  • I have oily/combination/sensitive skin. Your lotion hasn’t clogged my pores or made me break out once! My face feels wonderful!! The consistency is really luxurious; a nice feel on the skin and never greasy. My hands also feel lovely. And the smell is so soothing!

    Gabi Venice, CA
  • I love this lotion! It's hydrating, absorbs quickly and smells wonderful without being overpowering! I really love the texture. It’s robust enough to do the job, yet light enough to penetrate and easily allow me to put on my makeup on top. I also feel really good about the fact that my skin is getting ‘fed’ Frankincense and Helichrysum on a daily basis! I really, really love this product!! My skin feels plumper than it has felt in a long time. Very excited about the results and can’t wait to get more!

    Londin Santa Monica, CA
  • Perfect moisture without a sticky after-effect. Love the scent. Absolutely enamored with your product!

    Elizabeth Manhattan, NY
  • I LOVE your lotion!!! It feels so rich and healing without being greasy or too thick. It sinks in quickly and the scent is wonderful! I have eczema on my hands so they are very dry and sensitive. I wash my hands a lot throughout the day so I have been putting it on right before bed. My hands look and feel so much better each morning!!

    Katarina Hollywood, CA
  • So freaking nice. I want it all over my body and face! It’s heaven!!!

    Schuyler Brooklyn, NY
  • This morning I went back to my old product and realized your lotion is less sticky than what I'm used to putting on my face! I actually love it. It absorbs so nicely and feels very rich unlike some other natural lotions which don't seem to absorb very well. I LOVE the scent... it smells very natural and is not overpowering at all. It does a good job of moisturizing my dry body. I am accustomed to using oil on my face as a moisturizer, so it felt a little odd to use lotion, but it does the trick of moisturizing. I feel the need for something intensely hydrating that locks in moisture. So, I think you have a winning product.

    Julie Malibu, CA
  • Smells like a spa. Cleaner and lighter than any perfume I’ve ever tried.

    Teresa New Orleans, LA
  • I love your lotion! It keeps my skin hydrated all day long! Even after a 3 hour bike ride, my skin did not feel or look dry. My skin tanned nicely with absolutely no burn! My husband and I are both very sensitive to scent, but we both loved it and didn’t experienced any negative reactions. Can’t wait to have more of this product!!

    Barbara Berkeley CA
  • I am so enthusiastic about this cream! It smells so good and clean. I love that it absorbs so quickly but still leaves your hands feeling silky. And I really love that you can use it all over. It isn't greasy or shiny at all and this morning my face and hands were as soft as a baby's butt. I was really amazed! All the hand/body creams I have ever tried before, the effect wears off as soon as you wash your hands. But not this one! GREAT JOB!! I need to get more because I love it way too much to share!

    Elay New Orleans, LA
  • I LOVED IT!  I'll tell you a little about what kind of "lotion" consumer I am and why I liked it. I actually am not a lotion consumer at all.  I really hate the consistency of almost everything - I hate feeling oily or clammy, and I ESPECIALLY hate that feeling on my hands after applying.  So I'm not great on my skin.  I'd say I usually only use anything on my whole body after a day of baking in the sun, or freezing in the winter.  Other than that (so, like 95% of the year) I only use lotion around my eyes, on my face, and on the lower half of my legs. My eye-area in particular is super sensitive and dry, so I was a bit nervous to try this product there because I'm wary to anything that might burn or irritate my skin. But it felt GREAT!  And not only that, but I would apply it at night, and still feel in the morning like my eyes were really comfortable and moisturized. The rest of my face and legs felt the same.  A really tall order for my skin!  Especially because, since I have this discomfort to feeling "clammy", I only like to apply pretty thin layers - I'm not one to lather it on.  And it didn't dehydrate me either -- I never woke up feeling like "omg I need to apply more right now, it has totally dried up in the last few hours".  Which was great!  I hate when my skin feels needy. In terms of consistency and quality of moisturizing, you’ve totally nailed it!!

    Sarah Boxer Manhattan NY
  • I’m dying for more lotion!! There is nothing as good as yours out there. You are going to have people’s skin glowing everywhere!!! I’m so glad it’s here!!

    Monika Sherman Oaks, CA
  • I love it!! It is so smooth and I love how quickly it absorbs. It leaves my skin so smooth; it’s really pretty amazing.

    Lizzie New Orleans, LA
  • I know two and a half year olds aren't your "target" market, but my grandson Miles LOVES your lotion. I have one of the little sizes in my purse and yesterday he was slathering it all over himself and he kept saying "more!" He won't let us put anything on his skin so this was big. It was so cute that I had to tell you. Should have gotten a photo but I had the lotion all over me too and didn't want to get my phone all creamy!

    Nancy Santa Rosa CA
  • Love, love, love!

    Chloe Grace Morentz Actress
  • Fell in love with this AMAZING cream today! Using it on Kate Upton.

    Tracy Murphy Celebrity Makeup Artist
  • Makes my pre-shoot/makeup free skin so fresh and dewy. Obsessed!

    Jasmyn Wilkins Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model
  • I use it on everyone I work with! The quality is amazing. It provides tons of moisture without feeling greasy or heavy. My clients love the way it makes their skin glow.

    Christina Aviles Celebrity Manicurist for Gal Gadot, Jenna Dewan, Viola Davis and more
  • I love ❤️ this lotion, The way it smells, The texture and spreadability, and what it does to my skin. Adele has found the perfect formula ?

  • Honestly it’s my favorite. It’s so good. I love it!  My body eats it up. It’s not greasy, it smells good and is not sticky. Thank you. This is genius.

    Chrissy Teigen Celebrity
  • This lotion is an essential (pun intended) staple in our home. Jase especially loves it for his face. We couldn’t live without it!

    Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Influencer
  • It’s all I use!

    Lesley Wolman Influencer
  • My entire family loves this lotion!

    Jacqueline Brentwood CA
  • This is a game changing moisturizer I just can’t get enough of! The ingredients list is off the charts. My husband LOVES it (yes it’s great for men too).

    Sophie Uliano Influencer
  • This lotion is the best! I’m pretty obsessed with my skin and the quality of products I use. Not only does this make my skin feel soft, it also helps calm me too. I have an, “ahhhhh” of relaxation after breathing the wonderful scent. Our entire family loves this incredible lotion!

    Tara Newport Beach
  • My skin is very sensitive and prone to dryness. I can’t use chemical-laden commercial products Essentiel is so gentle but effective in hydrating and firming my skin. 2 weeks and have noticed a huge difference.

    Annette Pasadena CA
  • My wife was the first to bring home Essentiel. She liked it because it wasn’t greasy and it softened her skin (the same reasons I like it). I started using it on my elbows and they went from ugly to invisible – which is how I like them. Basically, we both love it now. We are very happy with Essentiel.

    Richard Austin TX
  • This lotion is amazing! My boyfriend and I have extremely dry skin and every night we rub some of this lotion on before heading to bed. It has done wonders to our skin. Now our skin feels silky smooth, rehydrated and healthy. Even better, it smells amazing (even my boyfriend loves it)! Thank you Adele!!

    Jennifer Silverlake CA
  • Problem is, now I am addicted to this!

    Felix West Hollywood
  • Obsessed is the word to describe how I feel. It is a game changer for me – truly an all-in-one lotion – I use it on my face, feet, hands and legs. A little goes a long way because it’s so rich without being greasy or thick. Adele, you have created the best moisturizing lotion at an amazing price. Thank you.

    Jen Washington DC
  • I love it! I love the smell and the feel of it on my skin. It’s very light and airy. My skin feels super soft. I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you so much for creating this product.

    Angela Florida
  • Love everything about this moisturizer! It makes my skin feel AMAZING and completely rehydrated, even after a long day. My skin is also so sensitive and I finally found something that causes zero reaction – even on my face!

    Jasmine New York

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