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I’m a parts model – you may have seen my hands in Revlon ads, my lips in Deborah Lippmann campaigns, or my legs in Louboutin heels. I’m often asked how I keep my skin camera-ready for macro close-ups. My motto has remained the same for many years. One word: MOISTURIZER.

Every part of me is magnified under the lens, so even my nails need to be well nourished. Ever noticed how dry nails become brittle and break? Early on, I realized I needed something fine enough for my face that would also treat my body parts with the same premium quality. I wanted a lotion with a lovely relationship to light so I got the glow, yet didn’t feel greasy or look shiny.

I began creating lotion-potions in my kitchen, using natural ingredients I grew up with while raised on an organic commune in California. Friends began asking for more moisturizer, so I teamed up with a top formulator and set out to spread the lotion love!

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    Adele Uddo, the most successful body parts model in the world ... moisturizes with an all-natural lotion she makes herself.

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    After just one application I was hooked. The smell is divine (thanks to the light melding of essential oils) and the boost of hydration (thanks to hyaluronic acid, aloe extracts and MSM) leaves skin insanely silky. Honestly I've never experienced a finish quite like it.

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    SI Swimsuit models love this natural moisturizer. Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to healthy, glowing skin from head to toe.

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Simplifying Skincare

If you’re like me and overwhelmed by the massive amount of products on the market, Essentiel Moisture is a simple solution to having high-quality skincare at an affordable cost in ONE beautiful bottle. My belief is that you don’t need a bazillion bottles in your bathroom – you simply need a few potent products that work. Personally, I’ve gotten the best results using minimal skincare of maximum quality. When you’re using a product that delivers the essential nutrients skin needs to stay healthy and hydrated, it doesn’t matter if it goes on your nose or your toes.

Why Essential Oils Are Essentiel

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to tone, balance, relax, cleanse and invigorate the skin. Cleopatra’s ancient beauty secret is said to have been essential oils. The health benefits are potent – i.e. the antioxidants in one ounce of clove oil is equivalent to that of 450 pounds of carrots! Essentiel Moisture contains my favorite blend of oils for skin.

GERANIUM: brings out the glow that makes skin look luminous again and is ideal for stressed skin. Improves elasticity and calms the skin.

FRANKINCENSE: soothes skin and contains natural antibacterial properties that help heal acne, infection, and age spots.

HELICHRYSUM: helps accelerate healing and regeneration of healthy cells. Strengthens capillary walls that help prevent broken blood vessels.

LAVENDER: potent antiseptic and soothing properties that restore balance and calm irritated skin. Helps improve acne, psoriasis, wounds, sunburn and other skin conditions.

Beauty and Health Go Hand In Hand

Maintaining gorgeous skin is an inside/outside job. Superior skincare, as well as a balanced diet, are the foundation for beautiful skin. Skin is the largest organ and up to 60 percent of products used are absorbed into the bloodstream. The harmful effects of toxic chemicals, preservatives, additives, colorings and artificial fragrances are well documented, and many have been exposed as potentially carcinogenic. Whatever goes ON the body goes IN the body.

Gorgeous Skin at Any Age

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. I’m an old bird in the beauty biz, yet I’ve doubled for models who could be my daughter. Well-nourished skin looks luminous at any age and the best way to beat signs of aging is through healthy choices. Whether you’re 15 or 50, your skin will thank you for incorporating Essentiel Moisture – a healthy habit that takes less than one minute a day, yet will help keep your skin soft for years to come! Youth gives everyone a hall pass for great skin. Whenever I see a woman with gorgeous skin in her 40s and beyond, I know she’s doing something that works. Regardless of age and damage done, a little of this lotion goes a long way!

MSM - A 'Magic' Ingredient

MSM, methylsulfonylmethane, is a food-source odorless sulfur compound that’s been called a ‘beauty mineral’. Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in the body, most concentrated in skin, nails, and hair. Ancient Romans soaked in sulfur baths and some say it was the original ‘fountain of youth’. MSM helps bind keratin proteins and is essential for the body to produce collagen. I like to call MSM a miracle mineral.

Moisture 8.4 OZ | Essentiel by Adele

Essentiel Moisture

  • Effective all-in-one moisturizer for face, hands and body
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential oils
  • Restores skin’s moisture balance
  • Skin feels moisturized without a greasy film
  • Promotes healthy skin and reduces appearance of blemishes
  • Skin feels firmer
  • Scent is subtle and clean with no artificial fragrance
FREE OF: Parabens • Sulfates • Phthalates • Artificial Fragrances/Dyes • GMOs • Petrolatum Silicones • PEGs • Formaldehyde • Gluten




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