What artificial fragrances and colors are in Essentiel Moisture?


None! Essentiel Moisture includes only the essentials. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or benefit your skin, it’s not in there!

The clean fresh scent of Essentiel Moisture comes from a special blend of essential oils, derived from plants and flowers. Whenever ‘fragrance’ is listed as an ingredient, it is often an umbrella term for several chemicals – including known allergens – that companies are not required to disclose.

Artificial colors and dyes are often added to personal care products, and these synthetic ingredients can have unpleasant and even dangerous side effects. Essentiel Moisture’s creamy color is the result of our combination of clean ingredients. Essentiel Moisture is FREE OF:

FREE OF: Parabens * Sulfates * Phthalates * Artificial Fragrances/Dyes * GMOs * Petrolatum Silicones * PEGs * Formaldehyde * Gluten


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